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A vehicle breaking down can be kind of scary when you’re on the highway or don’t know where you are. Don't worry! We offer friendly service.


Trust the truck and the driver who is coming to pick you up. We offer quality service and pride ourselves on great customer service and extensive towing experience.

Don’t let someone take advantage of your emergency situation. We offer convenient towing at the same affordable cost for all situations. Our flatbed trucks are able to tow large vehicles with no problem. We're locally-owned and -operated, and with over 20 years' experience we promise great prices, and great customer service.

Has your vehicle decided that it simply can’t go anymore? Stuck on the side of the road? Whether your car is on the side of a busy road or in your driveway, CJ Service & Towing Inc. can get it to a repair shop fast. We can also haul away any scrap metal on your property, and dispose of it properly.

Get towed when you can’t go. Big or small, we haul it all.

Save cash when you need help

Get a tow or a tire by calling us today!


Get the service you deserve

• 24/7 emergency towing

• Flatbed service

• Expert assistance for roadside service

• Cleanup for your accident site

• Towing for illegal parking

• Removal of scrap and unwanted cars

• Assistance with lockouts

• Flat tire assistance

• Efficient and affordable services

Have your needs met when you need them:

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